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  • Animal pak powder 388g
  • Animal pak powder 388g

Animal pak powder 388g

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Animal Pak powder 388g vitamin powder

Animal Pak™- for many years the most popular workout package in the world. Since 1984, Animal Pak™ has become the most popular among bodybuilders in the history of nutritional supplements. Why? It's simple.

Animal Pak works. The first time. The last time. Every time!!!

In all its ingenuity, nature designed the human body as a machine capable of achieving certain results. It's a fact, our bodies have changed very little since the beginning of mankind. When it comes to "feeding" our muscles, we still need the nutrients we get in our diet. But when it comes to getting muscle growth at a frenetic rate, we need the right combination and correspondingly higher doses of amino acids, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

Animal Pak Powder is:
Convenient powder form of administration,
A comprehensive set of vitamins and minerals,
Special additives and nutritional extracts,
Strong and effective action.

Why should you buy Anima Pak vitamins?

Only Animal Pak™ has what you need. After all, you're a primal beast that trains with animal intensity. You need plenty of these substances, plus some supplements, which are also included in Animal Pak™. In each packet you get a mind-blowing array of a huge number of ingredients, which are delivered to you in the right amounts and at the right time. Each serving dissolves perfectly further increasing its bioavailability!

By taking Animal Pak you prevent the formation of deficiencies in your nutrition. Why should you care? The higher the intensity of your workouts, the faster these deficiencies grow and the bigger they become. When this happens, you eventually reach the end of your capacity. You stop growing. You may have already reached that wall. To make matters even worse, if you take other nutrients, those same deficiencies will begin to render those expensive products useless. Many of today's nutrients rely on enzymes and other substances in your body to "activate" them. Deficiencies in your body mean that these key activating substances may not work at all, so you may find yourself wasting your hard-earned money on nutrients that won't or can't work.

Imagine Animal Pak™, the steel armor of your nutrition program, your body's first line of defense. If you train weightlifting, taking Animal Pak™ is a must. Remember, most nutritional supplements come and go, very few stand the test of time. When you're ready to choose the best agent, choose the best known agent in professional bodybuilding: Animal Pak™.


Training Day:
1 serving per day
Non-Training Day:
1 serving per day

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